17 November 2009

A Must for Firefox Users

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Here are some add-ons to your Firefox.

1. AdBlock Plus - this will enable Firefox to hide all unwanted advertisements on every site you go.

2. Popup Master - if you hate those popping-out windows well here is the solution to remove that. It places an icon on the status bar so when you visit a site that requires a pop-up you can enable and disable it easily.

3. Search Preview - if you just made a search on a search engine, don't you love to see what it looks like before you go inside the site you have searched?

4. FireFTP - if you are a web developer or a web designer, here is a useful plugin for Firefox that let's you easily upload files on the internet.

5. Download Helper - if you like watching video clips from Youtube or some other vide hosting sites, you can use this helpful extension for you to download the FLV files from them. This way you can have your own collection at your place and replay it when ever you want.

I am looking for some more extension that might be of help to everyone. I'll uupdate this blog entry once I found new tools.


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