24 November 2009

Twittering on Your Desktop

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Are you following on a twit or always in a hurry to twit? You don't need to go to your favorites URL, you can always show it on your desktop. Just login and post your new twit or read your friends' twits. You can even add short URL's to your post.

Twitteroo is the answer to that. Download version 1.5. Don't worry, I am going to post an update post once there is an update. I am also using this tool, it is very helpful.

OR go to there homepage below.

Here are the Twitteroo Features:

Twitteroo 1.5 is now available for download! But wait, that’s not all — the TwitterooCore API 1.4 is also available. The Twitter.com API changed slightly so we have updated the TwitterooCore to reflect those changes.

New Features

  • Double-click on any user’s status message and Twitteroo will automatically address a reply to that status
  • Usernames are shown in the status list to match Twitter.com (the full name is shown when a user’s status message is selected)
  • User icons are now cached so that you can Tweet even faster than before
  • Pressing the Enter key (or Ctrl+Enter) will send your status update to Twitter.com

Bug Fixes

  • The status box will not let you add line breaks (returns) into your status message
By the way, it is FREE!


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