25 November 2009

A Day with Technorati

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I felt stupid when I went to Technorati to claim my blog. It took them ages for them to send me an info about the verification of my blog. I already changed my layout and forgot about entering the claim code that they gave me before so went and login at Technorati. Okay, so I am there but I am unable to find any useful link for my personal profile except my username but the rest are advertisements and categories. I don't mind having the advertisements but they forgot the most important thing for their users - NAVIGATION LINKs.

When I clicked my username, I found 3 blogs. 2 blogs are my previous sites and this xleontips as the newest addition. I am already inside my profile but what I don't understand is I still don't see any useful links to me like manage blogs or site, get widgets, get claim codes, etc... I can only see edit site info for the 2 previous blogs that I have already deleted.

So I decided to remove or delete my account. The question is how? When I went to their support page, they said they don't have that option. Okay, so I clicked the "X" and didn't even log-out. If they try to reach me by mail I'll just include them on my spam list.

No need to have technorati points here.


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