06 November 2009

2 Reliable Antivirus Software

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There are 2 reliable softwares that I trust now and they are both FREE!

First, the Microsoft Security Essentials. I know most of you will say Microsoft! Well, it was my first reaction as well. One good thing about it is, it is FREE! Yes, you heard me right, I already said that the first time - Sorry!.

The reason they are doing it is, it's their system that this virus creators that are crashing. I don't know what they ate and whoever cooked it, I'm glad he did. I just hope that they have done that along time ago. Atleast they have come to their senses.

Only thing here is, you must have a legit Microsoft Windows. Sorry about the others.

And the other one is none other than Avast Antivirus. Guys with pirated copies of Microsoft Windows, I know you'll be delighted to have this software. I have tested it and it is also a great antivirus. It's also FREE! and very easy to use. They also have daily updates for antivirus definitions.

Actually, there is a limit of 60 days to use the FREE copy but after 60 days and you are still not convinced to buy a licensed copy, you can just get a new 60 days serial number. I don't know how many times you can do it but from what I've heard, you can get a 60 day evaluation license as much as you want to.

UPDATE: (Sept 02, 2010) Currently, when you register at AVG, you'll be sent a serial number which is valid for one year - so it is not 60 days anymore - Yipee!)

I've tried AVG but it sucks, dunno about others. Kaspersky, I've also tried it. It's also good but heavy on the hardware coz it uses a lot of memory. Worst thing I used is McAfee, like Kaspersky, it is hungry for more memory.

This are great protection specially to all those who use PayPal and AlertPay on their online money-making websites. Still, be cautions in web hopping. Happy Surfing guys!


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