23 November 2009

Wow! to Social Spark

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I just browsed some of the Social Sparks sponsor and I can't believe some of the things I've owned were featured already and people have earned from reviewing them already. I found some cool gadgets already that I am very interested in buying myself. Hope they ship on our place.

I've been sharpening my skills on writing for the past few months and I think I can say that I have improved. I just hope it helps me in this Social Spark adventures. You will all be hearing from my adventures in this great opportunity for me to earn money and to sharpen my writing skills.

Here is some news and updates about my current money-making programs. Right now, Adgitize is really doing great on my blog. I've been earning a steady income with them and just like what I've said before I am earning more money with them than with my Google Adsense.

To all advertizers, Adgitize is still number one at sending traffics to your website. It also has options on returning a few of your investment. This is most helpful in advertising PTC coz they cost less that the PTC which is for a day only. They are still the number one for me.

EntreCard is still doing great in sending traffic on my blog. So far I have reached my previous blogs visit count with the combination of EC and Adgitize.

Till next time guys.


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