12 November 2009

Are you a Drop'aholic and an Adgitizer?

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Are you dropping ECs and Adgitizing at the same time? Well, for me I try to save time by using Adgitizer's blog-hopping system I made while dropping ECs if ever I see that they have EntreCard. That is to save me time from gathering ECs and reaching my 100 points at Adgitizer. Why do I do that? Like I said, to minimize time and at the same time gather points and traffic.

In my opinion, both Adgitize and EntreCard are great traffic tools. Combine together they make a great team at building your traffic. I don't actually advertise a lot using the EntreCard points. Honestly speaking, I don't get that many traffic from their cute button with Drop word in it. They just drop and take the EC and then adgitize, how do I know? Coz that's what I do too.

Although their are some instances that I really click the button whenever I find the button interesting or something peculiar. My most grateful experience is when I am at the EntreCards "more stats", I like their graphs showing how silly my EC button is (125x125 graphic image that you use to advertise your blog).

With EC, I get traffic from dropping. I see people dropping and I drop ECs as well. And sometimes my being drop'aholic isn't a waste after all coz some of them drop back ECs. For me, the 125x125 button on EC is just to inform the others that you are there. Atleast I get around 10 clicks from the advertisement that I bought at EC using my points. It still functions as it is.

Now, based on my observation. EC drop is really a big help to your traffic, drop and get a drop as well (1:3 - 1 drops back out of 3). With Adgitize, you'll really earn with them and that is the greatest and most grateful experience for me as far as I'm concern.

So to all bloggers that use both their systems. Please try to put them together in one place. My priority is the Adgitize button, if I don't see the Entrecard beside it, I just click the button 'x' and leave their and just wish to find a EC button on the next link of Adgitize.

I am not ashame to say that I am a Drop'aholic and an Adgitizer, So to all co-bloggers around here, please make sure they are together in one place to get both clicks from me.


Hope you registered already with the real Dropaholics.

Guess you like to get additional traffic not only from Adgitize but also from other EntreCard members...

You left out some nice traffic when you want that everyone has to put both ads close together, some templates don't allow it :(

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