17 August 2010

Simply The Best Birthday Gift Contest!

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My beloved wife whom I love so much, is going to have her birthday this coming September and to celebrate it I decided to have a contest. By the way, this is the first time I am conducting an online contest. All I need is to have the best and most simple birthday gift to my beloved wife.

Okay, here are a few pointers for the ideal gift:
  • We can't go out of the country.
  • We can't go out of town.
  • We have a child that is so cute and cuddly - a 4 year old boy named Ize.
  • Money is no object - hope I could say that but due to our tight budget and my company crisis, I would like to make it simple yet the best gift ever. Don't worry much about the budget - I already have a budget and I could add a few bucks
  • There are no wrong answers here - I just need ideas.
  • In case you need to know the age to base the idea, she is turning 33.
How to join:
  • Blog about this contest along with your answer. Your answer should be the first thing to see in the entry and then the details of this contest.
  • Grab the banner code above and put it on your site's sidebar.
  • Follow our XLEONTIPS blog through Google Connect.
  • Add XLEONTIPS and our major sponsors to your blogroll. (NOTE: Please don't use a NoFollow link, the link should be a DoFollow link. If you don't know what this means, it's okay because by defaul it is a DoFollow link once you made a link.)
  • Subscribe to our Feeds.
  • Go back here and inform us of your entry.
  • Make a review of our major sponsors (at least 100 words) and post the link of the review here or to the major sponsor's list..
  • Please post who referred you to this contest along with the link to your Birtday Gift Idea.

Here are the current prizes (Prize will change as we get more sponsors):

1st Prize (Cash - $25)
  • $20 Paypal + 3000 EC + Ad Space for 2 months + Blog / Site Review - XLEONTIPS 
  • $5 PayPal + 5000 EC + Ad Space for 1 month - Pinay Mom 
  • 3000 EC + Ad Sponsor 1 month - Blog de Manila 
  • 3000 EC + Ad Sponsor 1 month - World Travel and Vacation
  • 2000 EC + Ad Space for 2 months - Online Mommy's Corner 
  • Ad Space for 2 months - Obstacles and Glories

2nd Prize (Cash $15) 
  • $10 Paypal + 1000 EC (XLEONTIPS: Ad Space for 2 months + Blog / Site Review ) 
  • $5 Paypal + Ad Space for 1 month - Stay at Home Blessings  
  • 3000 EC + Ad Space for 1 month - Kaya mo Pinoy 

3rd Prize (Cash $10) 
  • $5 PayPal + 500 EC (XLEONTIPS: Ad Space for 1 month + Blog / Site Review ) 
  • $5 PayPal + Ad Space - Make Money Online  
  • 3000 EC + Ad Space for 1 month - Philipine USANA
  •  Ad Space for 1 month - One Proud Mama

Special Prize for Top EC dropper 
  • 500 EC + (XLEONTIPS: Ad Space for 1 month) 

Special  Prize for Top Referrer 
  • 7 Day Ad Gift Card at Adgitize

Major Sponsors:
    List of other Sponsors:
    The contest will be running until Sept 30, 2010. On that day, the winners will be drawn randomly. Currently, we are looking for other sponsors. Cash prize / goods / merchandise / domain names sponsors will be added as one of our major sponsor and will get a blog review from joining bloggers.


    blogged http://where2shop.blogspot.com/2010/08/simply-best-birthday-gift-contest.html

    banner side bar
    follower as sherry
    added this blog to blogroll
    subscribed using sherrygo at rocketmail dot com

    Teka, bago ko gawin yung entry, may I know if you guys have kids? Kasi ang sched eh nakasalalay if may kids or not lol.. Will sponsor 2 months ad space in my sidebar (for the first prize). Lemme know if that's okay.

    I can sponsor Noel but only an Ad space on my PR2 Blog http://mylenerabago.com

    @chubskulit - thanks that would be enough. I have updated the post and yes we have 1 boy child.

    @Mylene - that is enough support, thank you so much.

    Okay, there is one major sponsor coming so be on a look out. I'm still waiting for the go signal - it is something cool!

    BTW, to all sponsors - please specify which site you want to be listed in the sponsors list.

    Okidoci, please list my main blog http://www.obstaclesandglories.com

    Will make my post as soon as I can, still busy running around for my daughter's school schedule hehehe

    Hi Noel,
    I got your invitation and thanks.
    here is my entry:
    1) blogged about the contest

    2) Followed your blog via GFC : jules 67

    3) Placed the banner on the sidebar:

    4) Subscribed to your feeds:
    5) Added Major sponsors on my blogroll
    url where blogroll is placed:


    Thanks again for the invitation


    Hi Noel. Would like to sponsor $5 and 1 month ad space in my PR3 blog http://stay-at-home-blessings.blogspot.com. I have just 1 concern - can I send you the money through AlertPay and not Paypal?

    @jules67 - thanks for joining - the more the merrier.

    @Chin chin - thanks, you have been added as one of the major sponsor.

    Hi. Glad to be a sponsor. Let me know your AlertPay email account and I'll send the money ASAP?

    count me in as one of your sponsors.


    @eric - what will you be sponsoring? Ad Space, cash or goods?

    Sent the cash today but I forgot to put some notes that it is for this contest's sponsorship. Let me know if you received it. About PS, I have 80 refs right now up to 3 levels. However, I'm thinking how much the site will be valuable to members residing in the Philippines. My referrals from the Philippines have not been receiving revenue share for 2 months now. Hmmm???

    hi noel, sorry i'm co-managing other domains so here are our sponsors:

    EC Credits (3000 each) and 1 month 125x125 ads (each domain also):

    1. Blog De Manila - http://www.blogdemanila.com/

    2.Kaya Mo Pinoy - http://www.kayamopinoy.com/

    3. World Travel and Vacation -

    4. Philippine USANA -

    from my wife:
    Pinay Mom - http://pinaymom.org/
    5,000 EC credits
    Cash - $5
    1 month 125x125 ads

    @chinchin - thanks, I have received it already. I'll join your referral soon after this week coz I am quite busy right now. I want to concentrate on reading about it before I join.

    @eric - thanks again and to your wife as well for the support. However, I am not quite sure of the prize you sponsored - is it 3000EC per domain or I'll divide the 3000EC to 4 domains? Sorry, I don't want to post a wrong info so I try to make it clear.

    Hi Noel,
    I have updated my post re: sponsors' listing and prizes.



    review blog de manila
    review pinay mom
    review stay at home blessings
    review baul in noel

    major sponsors added to blogroll.

    Blogged about your contest here:
    Grabbed your banner at my sidebar under Contests
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    ADded your blog and major sponsors under Contest Hosts
    Subscribed to your blog thru email piecesofmys@gmail.com

    Thank you very much people.

    @julie67 - for updating your blogged contest info

    @sherry - for the completion of your entry.

    @Mys - for joining my contest.

    Thanks for all your support.

    I'd like to sponsor (if still open)

    $5 and 1 month ad space (125x125) for my blog

    1 month ad space (125x125) for my blog

    Can sponsors join the contest too? Thanks

    @EihdraG - sure you can join. I'll add your blog and sponsored prizes later. Thanks.

    Quick Question: How many links do you need for the sponsors in 1 review? Thanks.

    Thanks.. Pls send me your PP account..

    @Mys - I don't actually have any preference on that but for the benefit of those sponsors, I think it's best to have one article per review. Thanks.

    Hi Noel..Here's my entry:


    Referred By Jules

    Badge on the sidebar
    Followed on GFC

    Links on my Blogroll:

    Subscribed via email

    Will update on sponsor reviews..Thx

    1. Blog about this contest with my answer to the question here--> http://iamjennyholic.blogspot.com/2010/09/best-birthday-gift.html

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    6. Will go back here to inform you for additional entry ^_^

    Anyway, I am reffered to by Eihdra G.

    Hi Noel,
    My entry is here...

    Followed you @ Google
    Added your badge in my sidebar

    Added you to my blogroll

    Subscribed to your feed; my email is pinayexpat@yahoo.com

    Referred by Eihdra


    blogged at http://www.themiscme.info/simply-the-best-birthday-gift/
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    referred mys


    I blogged about the contest here: http://itreasures.blogspot.com/2010/09/simply-best-birthday-gift-contest.html. Grabbed your banner and placed it in my sidebar at http://itreasures.blogspot.com. Followed you through Google Connect. Added you & other sponsors to my blogroll and subscribed to your feeds. Thanks!

    Blogged about the major sponsors here:




    Only one more sponsor to go or do I still need to review my main blog posted on my personal blog? Pls. advise.. thx

    Thanks Chris and Gee for joining.

    EihdraG no need to post about your own blog haha!






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    wooot, done with athe reviews...

    Hi Noel! Here's my last requirement for this contest.. Thanks!


    Blogged about this contest at http://luckyfinds-shareapic.blogspot.com/2010/09/best-birthday-gift-ever.html

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    Place your contest banner on my sidebar
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