13 November 2009

Solution to Internet Gateway Device

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It took me hours to fix this issue. None of the given solutions in the internet helped me so I guess this would be a great tip to add here.

It seems the problem is that I have two connections. One is cable and the other is wireless. My previous internet provider is from our telephone company so I plug it in my modem/router which is wireless and the new one I have is a wifi which uses cable (dunno if it is Category 6 or CAT6 or CAT5 network cable) that is connected in an outer router (like a Satellite Dish) on top of our roof.

How I tested?
I connected to my wireless using my previous internet provider and I noticed that the Internet Gateway Device disappears. The reason is because the wireless device is connected through my router which is shared in public (using security of course) so I can connect using my laptop.

My theory, yes only a theory. I am not a network geek after all. I only based my actions on my observations and it seems my observation is correct and I managed to solve the current issue.

Okay, everytime I try to connect using the cable (wifi) it detects the other internet gateway that is used by the wireless (it seems coz it is shared). Now the problem with my wifi connection is that it doesn't have a router so if the Internet Gateway Device is activated (to share internet), my internet doesn't work at all.

The Solution?
  1. Remove the cable from your PC.
  2. Count from 3 backwards hehe! or you could just open Network and Sharing Center.
  3. Once it starts, you'll see that you are now not connected to the whole world so plug the cable back or whatever connection type you wish to connect.
  4. You'll notice that Network and Sharing Center will try to detect the plugged device, QUICKLY, turn off the Network Discovery. This method will prevent the Internet Gateway Device to be detected.
  5. After that, voila! Only one network found.
  6. Enjoy the surfing.
Now, I don't know what type of connection you have at home, but in case you have a similar situation, I hope this will greatly help your problem and I hope it works with you as well. Now, I don't know what effect this did to my connection, if ever there is something bad. You will all konw hehe! I hope nothing serious though.


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