17 November 2009

Jeddah Go WiFi Internet Review

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Are you thinking of upgrading your DSL to Go WiFi? Well, it is a great service. The internet is also good but here is a tip before paying that new contract - read the forms carefully, I read the whole form but never really paid attention on the TOS below it or my friend told me.

They are really fast believe me but if you download movies, you'll be warned that the internet connection will be highly affected. You're right I should have paid attention. I thought, my friends still hasn't confirmed or give me news about their internet connection. So I continued downloading movies using Torrent downloader.

This evening I felt what they were trying to say. My supposedly 1MB connection is like a 128kbps connection now.

My advice, if you like downloading movies using torrent, stay with STC DSL and don't bother going for GO! Now that my connection sucks, I am not planning on renewing my contract now. I'm going back to STC Internet.

Go Sucks!


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