12 November 2009

Windows Vista: Internet Gateway Issue

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When I woke up this morning, I checked the internet for the news in my home country since we don't have Filipino channel, I don't like TFC, their news, and most specially Wowowee! Please don't ask me why and don't bask and comment about this. We are all entitled to have our own opinion.

Okay, as I was saying. I was about to check the news when I typed the url and pressed entered there was an error that came out of the browser. I checked google and their is also a problem. I tried using the laptop with a different internet connection and it worked. Tried using the same internet connection and it worked - in my laptop with Windows XP.

My desktop which has a Widows Vista is making some sort of an issue. So I investigated and found out that there is an extra connection available on the network. Now I wondered where it came from. Last night it was working pretty fine. I didn't install any application if you are asking. This Internet Gateway just came out. I almost swear this Internet Gateway is making a fuss on my connection, and yes it did coz the Network & Sharing Center keeps on complaining that there are two networks avaiable. Windows Vista is confused somehow on which to use.

Now, I know some of you felt this before and it really is something stupid. The hard part is the old and traditional way of fixing this problem is nowhere to be found in Windows Vista. It's like everytime there is a problem with my PC, I have to go to the internet and dig deep. It's a treasure hunt just to find a solution to the problem that Microsoft themselves created.

I looked on the internet on how to remove the Internet Gateway Device and was surprised to see some unhappy people who has the same experience as I am. It seems this stupid Internet Gateway Device is making a big problem with my PC. Okay, I still can't find any solutions on how to remove this stupid Internet Gateway.

Okay, I'll just document this until I found the solution. It's a good thing I have another PC available. Stupid vista!


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