18 November 2009

Protect Yourself From Virus-Infected Media!

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A girl friend asks you if you could print a document for her since her printer is not working so she handed you her Flash USB drive. You managed to help her print and she thanks you for it. Going back to your PC, you noticed that there is something wrong. A virus just got into your PC. How? Your friend unknowingly infected your machine with her virus-infected Flash USB drive.

This usually happens now. A friend of mine tried to copy some freeware games I had and if not for my Avast Antivirus, I would have been infected as well.

The thing is Microsoft made this override system where it automatically detects autorun.inf in every media you plug in your computer and run it without question. Stupid, isn't it?

Well Panda Security has made a small utility to disable this feature NOT MICROSOFT. Yes, Microsoft didn't even think about this small hole that eventually was used efficiently by virus programmers.

Here is an info about their utility:
Panda USB Vaccine is a free solution designed to protect against this threat. It offers a double layer of preventive protection, allowing users to disable the AutoRun feature on computers as well as on USB drives and other devices:
Vaccine for computers: This is a ‘vaccine' for computers to prevent any AutoRun file from running, regardless of whether the device (memory stick, CD, etc.) is infected or not.
Vaccine for USB devices: This is a ‘vaccine' for removable USB devices, preventing the AutoRun file from becoming a source of infection. The tool disables this file so it cannot be read, modified or replaced by malicious code.
This is a very useful tool as there is no simple way of disabling the AutoRun feature in Windows. This provides users with a simple way of disabling this feature, offering a high degree of protection against infections from removable drives and devices.
Visit the site below to download the program. You may have to fill-up some information but it is just a small price to pay.

or download it here - I made it available just in case you don't like to give them information about your email address.


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