04 November 2009

Network Affiliate Website that Works!

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There are probably some great social affiliate website that really works and I am going to find it out for myself. I'm not going to hesitate sharing it to you guys so be on look out for my updates.

Right now, I would like to share the experiences I had for the past week.

1. Adsense, does it really work?
Well, since this blog isn't that big yet, I decided not to implement it on this blog for the meantime and try making space for other advertisers who would like to share a few traffic from my site. I'll also be making my advertisement cheaper.

2. Adgitize - works really great!
Being an advertiser at Adgitize really made my traffic boost high. How I wish there are a few more of this Adgitize out there that really helps people gain traffic & income. My earnings when I was just a publisher alone gained me a few bucks from Adgitize but now that I am an advertiser with them I can say that it does help to advertise with them. Advertisers will really gain back their invested 50-120% - depends.

Bonus from me. Join under my referral link and advertise and I'll pay you $1 back rebate and I'll create your 125x125 button ads for Adgitize. JOIN HERE and GRAB MY OFFER!

And I forgot to mention, the admin is really kind and honest and very supportive as well. So far the number one affiliate I've seen in my 4 years in online income business.

3. EntreCard - It helped too!
yes, Entrecard still helps you get more traffic but you have to be active in dropping in order to gain points or just be active so your popularity constantly. With the help of Adgitize, you will gain lots of points for sure.

4. CMF Ads - Not for traffic!
Well, it really doesn't work for your traffic if you are not the advertiser. I suggest it though, since it will give you the capability to earn money. I just hope they have a weekly option instead of a month so earning cash is much easier.

Thanks to the combined power of this three, I was able to gain lots of traffic. So I'm sharin' my traffic and make a promotion of cheap ads. Check out my Ad Services for the cheap ad package.


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