21 November 2009

Make Money with You IPhone

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Are you an IPhone user? Did you know that with your IPhone you can make money? How?

FuelMyApp has devised a clever way in helping IPhone applications developer and IPhone users in reaching each others satisfaction and also giving way for IPhone users to gain money of their IPhone applications.

FuelMyApp will pay you to review applications posted in their website. They'll know if you didn't honestly reviewed the application. Up front, you must purchase the application first and then send your review afterwards. After the review has been received and approved., your money will be sent to you through PayPal - the payment for the application cost you have bought and the payment for reviewing it.

A standard application will cost around 0.99$ and in total you will be paid $2.99 per application review. Remember, be honest in reviewing applications or you'll lose your money.

The reason I'm making this a topic is I am pretty determined on having an IPhone as my new cellphone this year or the next year.


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