06 February 2012

Top 5 Must Have Add-ons for Firefox

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To all Mozilla Firefox users out there, here are top 5 must have add-ons for Firefox to make your browsing better, faster and more secured.

Top 5 Must Have Add-ons for Firefox
AdBlock Plus - this allows you to browse websites without having fear of too much loading of advertisements which of course makes your browsing faster. This is good if you are browsing your own blog and you don't want to accidentally click your own ads (prevents you of being banned on your ad networks).

AdBlock Plus Pop-up Addon - just an add-on to AdBlock Plus to block even the pop-up windows.

WOT - this one is a great add-on as well, especially when you browse a lot. This even works with Google searches or even on Facebook links. When you search on Google, you'll see an arrow on the right end of the site and it is categorized in colors. Red is of course, could be harmful to your PC and green is a go! You can even report a site if you suspect something is wrong with it so that site won't be able to harm others anymore.

Memory Restart - when you are using a low-end PC, you'll probably find this very handy especially if you like opening a lot of tabs or watching YouTube videos (which consumes a lot of memory even if you finished watching a video and closed it already). When installed, it is located both on the navigation toolbar and on the right side of the statusbar. You can use this if you feel that Firefox is getting slower. You can also use it to monitor Firefox's consumed memory. Just a warning, if you have customized your Firefox to clear all caches and cookies when closing it, you should probably consider disabling that or just save your online work (probably when you are writing a blog) before clicking the button because it will restart the Firefox. Don't worry you'll be asked before doing so.

Video Download Helper - if you love watching YouTube videos and other streaming video sites and you want to have your own copy to show it to your family or friends in offline mode, then you should have this. My friend found this useful for his Korean tele-novelas (lol).


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