22 November 2009

Tidy-up Your Bookmarks!

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OrdinarySoft has just made a really great way of tidying-up all your bookmarks.

Tidy Favorites was developed to simplify the generation and management of PC browser bookmarks. Its intuitive Graphic User Interface (GUI) has been designed to minimize the management task and maximize the PC users experience with Internet navigation to web sites that are often visited. Tidy Favorites is simply a browser bookmark management tool that is so easy to use bookmarks may be added or deleted with such ease the user can spend more time enjoying the educational and entertainment values of the Internet versus spending time managing the bookmarks themselves. Whether the bookmark quantity is small or extremely large the degree of "bookmark management" only varies slightly.
Check out the video and be amazed. They have a Free version and also have the PRO version. A must try program for all surfers who like to bookmark websites according to their different interests.

Cllick HERE to go to the website.


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