19 November 2009

Want More Free Stuffs?

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Tired of Microsoft Windows or Microsoft Office?

There is always a free way for you to have a new Operating System and Office Suite. You don't need to worry about licenses anymore.

For Operating system, try UBUNTU. It's like windows but FREE! Go HERE to download the free operating system.

For Office Suite, try OPENOFFICE. It's like Microsoft Office's complete package (Word, Excel, etc..). Download your copy HERE.

Now if you are a graphics artist that uses Adobe Photoshop, you can also try GIMP software. It's basically like Adobe Photoshop only for free. If you have installed Ubuntu already, just run apt-get install gimp to get the ltest version of Gimp software.


Did you know that having a copy of Ubuntu Installer at home can come in handy? If you have been infected by a virus or having a bad day with your windows crashing and there is no way for your windows to start-up at all, Ubuntu will save your day.

Ubuntu Installer gives you a chance to try the OS before you even install it. Try running Ubuntu and retrieve all your important files before you format or install your new OS.

Enjoy your freebies people.


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