01 October 2010

The Winners!

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Before anything else I would like to thank all those who have joined, sponsored and at least tried to join. This contest I assure you guys is just a start, there will be more exciting events coming soon and more bigger and great prizes. First of all let me tell you about the birthday celebrant's gift and how she celebrated her special day.

By the way, her birthday isn't actually at the end of the month -it is on Sept. 10, I just made it up to end of the month so people can prepare more and I can gather more sponsors. I was actually very busy this past September because of my offline responsibilities.

Sadly, her birthday didn't quite went well because she was very sick before and after her birthday. It took about 3 weeks before she fully recovered but I am glad to say she is doing great now. The day of her birthday we were in a ward and she was on IV (it is forbidden for her to take injections so she took her medicine through dextrose but it wasn't very serious). She is happy now and doing the regular things she does and she's even back on her job. So here is her birthday gift.

She is not a gadget freak or techie girl but she requested it so instead of thinking what to give her - I gave her what she wants.
And since her birthday is the same as our church's anniversary and our friends are preparing food for the coming anniversary, we went to the church and brought the food we prepared. I cooked Palabok for her and I helped her cook Ginataang Bola-bola (Halo-halo) and cooked some Palitaw. We are in Saudi Arabia and it is not very often people get to taste these foods --all at once so they were pretty excited about the food we prepared. They loved my Palabok --of course it was prepared for my love one and one of its ingredient is my love (lol!). Sadly, my wife didn't eat much that time because she's not feeling well but still she's still very happy because we are there for her. After she recovered, I cooked another batch of Palabok just for her and finally savored it.
I also bought a cake for her.
Ginataang Halo-halo, palitaw, palabok and her cake.
So that's it. I feel sorry for her for being sick during her birthday but she assured me that she is very happy not because of the gift --but because of the presence of the two most important man in her life -me and our son.
Celebrating her birthday with our brothers and sisters at the church.

So now we come to declaring the winners of this contest. Like I said, I placed the names of the qualified entries on a piece of paper and let my son draw the winners. He was so excited, he thought it was a game lol! 

Congratulations to all the winners!

 Most Number of Referrals 

Most Drops at EC goes to
Gee (Georyl)
She has the most drops and since it is just the Most Drops at EC - I'll just consider this one.

Please claim your prizes by commenting the details of where I could send your prizes. Don't worry, I won't post it --I'll delete it as soon as I send the prizes. And for the 125x125 ad, if you don't mind posting the HTML code for the ad or just specify the URL and Image path.

Again, CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners. We are all the winners here.


Congratulations to the winners. Glad Mommy Chris won.

Congrats to the winners.. dropping by..

EihdraG - You are welcome. I have sent you $15 to your PayPal already and the EC credits as well. Please give me the url of the website you wish me to promote here and the 125x125 image location. I don't know if you have other blogs aside from the Make Money Online.

And yes, you did guessed right about the "cooking with love" part.

Congratulations to the winners. Please inform me who will be putting banners on my blog okay?

Wow, really, ang lucky ko naman yesterday, I won in the raffle from Blank Pixel taz nanalo din ako dito, yeepee...

hahaha..kuya you deleted all my comments? kala ko info lang,hehehe :)

happy all! congrats to all who won!

congrats to all the winners, and belated happy birthday =)

EihdraG - di ko kasi ma-edit yung comment mo para sana yung critical info lang ang mabura.

It seems busy pa si Chris to claim her prize.

zh3en22 - paypal sent already, please inform me of how I can send your EC credits.

hehe, may consolation prize pa ako. here's a link to my EC profile. thanks and belated happy birthday to your wife. http://entrecard.com/details/160394

Hi again. Here's the direct link of my badge:




PLS.LINK IT TO: http://www.oneproudmomma.com


Thanks for the prizes :)

congrats to all the winners!

Ang hirap pala magpa-contest hehe! Anyways, it was still enjoyable. Please check the contest details again and review kung meron kayong mga unclaimed prizes.

Yung mga ads i-follow-up ko na lang sa mga sponsors yung details or you can also do that but please do include the contest details to remind them the prize you are claiming.

Blog de Manila and Pinay Mom is currently on vacation so di pa ma-claim yung rewards niyo. Try it mga Oct 4 or 5. I have follow-up na rin sa kanila.

received Adgitize Thanks :)

Pls update me na lang on the banner ads..:)

Congratulations to all the winners. I have added One Proud Momma's badge in my blog. Sorry it took a while medyo busy ako ngayon.

add space for Xleon and Philippine USANA

Image http://entrecard.s3.amazonaws.com/eimage/157962.jpg

link it to http://iamjennyholic.blogspot.com/

Thank you so much

can you help me contact pinaymom na lang? :) thanks so much!

I've contacted them already. Let's just wait. I have also reminded Eric of Blog de Manila (Pinaymom's husband)

Eric here..a.k.a Blog De Manila and we're back with my wife, PinayMom.

We had a great vacation by the way.

we're now processing the Ads, EC and Paypal prizes for all those whom we sponsored, so please be patient.

and if you can, please email me blogdemanila [at] gmail.com for your details such as paypal email address, EC profile, 125x125 banners and where to link them.

once again, congratulations to all the winners and to Noel too for sponsoring the contest.

@eric, thanks for commenting here. I think the winners will now be at peace.

Congratulations to the winners!

And for sure you wife love your gift :)

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