05 September 2010

New Major Sponsor

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To all the my contest followers, there is a new Major Sponsor that has been added and I have now closed the major sponsors. The reason I closed it is because I don't want to strain entrees on making a lot of blog/site review. Minor sponsors are still welcome though.

Just a reminder to all who joined, make a review composed of atleast 100 words to all our major sponsors to complete the requirements. Another thing please tell your readers to put the name of your blog as their referral, this way you'll get more referrals which can earn you a special prize (Check the updated prizes here).

A New Home
I have decided to get a new home for xleontips - a .COM of my own. I'll probably do that during holidays so I can dedicate time and effort coz I am also planning to re-design my site or probably get someone to make it for me.


That's a good move habang ala ka pang PR kasi pag meron at nag dotcom ka eh babalik ka sa zero

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