29 September 2010

Got a $100 Google Adsense Coupon for FREE!

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This is great news for me. I just got a $100 Google Adsense coupon from Google. I am so excited --I don't know what to do. Now, I really have to make my place presentable for my visitors. I have to make this place neat and of course make a wise decision in choosing the right keywords. I have to think of powerful keywords to make good use of this coupon and it would be exciting if I can come up with income from this like in Adgitize.

Thinking back, this SEO blogging, PR blogging adventure of mine is all about preparing myself for this. I know I may not get back the amount I want but hopefully and I think it would be the nicest way for me to earn experience in Adwords and Adsense.

So what keywords to use? Anyways, I'll tell you more as I venture into this new experience. But the best part here of course is getting a priority status in Google search engine --I love to see my site in atleast the first page. Before that as an experimentation, I'll use the keywords that I'll be using and check the ranking of my site in the Google search and check it again after I have activated the keywords. Let's see.

How about you? You go t your Free Google Adsense Coupon?


Hi there, i got google adwords free advertising voucher later this afternoon. Hope this can really help us =)

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