30 September 2010

This Is The Day! Our Day!

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Finally, the end of my contest. Later I will be finalizing everything. Purchasing the Adgitize 2-weeks Gift Card and checking submission of each entries, links, feed subscription, blog reviews, etc... This is the day! And tomorrow, I will declare the winners --of course that is after I draw them. I don't know if I told you guys how I'll be doing it but I'll tell it anyway.
I'll take a piece of paper and place names of all the contestants and let my son draw the winners in order of 3rd, 2nd and the 1st. You are all winners for me.

Once again, I would like to thank all who have joined my contest and to all the sponsors who have made this possible. I remember I was reading an article about how you may achieve a good PR (PageRank) for your blog and one of them is by making friends with others and having a contest. To prove it, I decided to do it and I am really thankful I did it.

I Got a PR1.

Okay, it is a victory for me and a proven knowledge which is called wisdom. Well, actually the PR1 is for my xleontips.blogspot.com and not xleontips.com so which means the new domain hasn't earned reputation yet. But I'll continue to do what I have learned and continue to explore the vastness of SEO and PR world.

Why am I doing this? It's a preparation for the coming invasion lol! Like I said before, I am currently a student and studying about PR blogging and SEO blogging --whatever nonsense terminologies they have invented. But hey! PR and SEO/SEM actually is not a non-sense when you greatly benefit from it (income, traffic, etc). Of course my first step was to improve my sites performance and it is a good start and I think my goal was achieved. I can't believe it! With one try! I thought since only a few have joined and sponsored this contest it may not be enough to ring Google's PR. I think PR1 is quite easy to be achieved unlike the PR2 or any of its older sisters or I may just be doing a great job and I am on the right track or it is because I am so awesome! --whatever works is good for me (lol!).

It is not the end of the world for everyone who hasn't completed their requirements. The time is 9am and I'll be doing the validation later at 6pm so you still have time.


I hope I have done everything right

Congratulations on the PR1. Now go go for PR2. I think good content has a great influence on getting PR. And so far, I can see you are working towards that. Keep it up.

Congratulations for hosting a successful contest. I hope that you got a great gift for your wife. Well, please send my family's greetings to your wife. We wish her a happy birhday.

wow congrats, that is really a great news, I wish I will have mine soon ^_^

Congrats on achieving PR1. Create more unique contents and do DoFollow backlinks and you're on your way to a higher PR. But be careful and not link your site within the "bad neighborhood" sites or Google will take away your PR..
Looking forward to the draw..Thanks for a wonderful contest. Hope wifey had a blast with your gift :)

@eihdrag - Yeah I know maybe perhaps that is the reason I got a few contestants here --they're afraid that their PRs will get hurt lol!

@Noel - your blog isn't one of those "bad neighborhoods" that I mean. It's those who spam for a living or have blogs that really doesn't blog but just post nonsense.
Ok lang yan kuya, the more you get involved with other blogs by commenting, they'll soon follow you back and they'll be frequent visitors.Make your blogs visible, that's the key. :)

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