02 September 2010

Don'ts in Words for PR

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Image from The Computer Guru Website
Okay, another thing that greatly affects your site or blog's PR (PageRank) is the words you use in some of your widgets or headers. Try to avoid words My Sponsors, Advertisement, Sponsors, Featured Sites (what?) etc... Most of you probably made this common mistake, I too have made this mistake. I never really knew it has something to do with PageRanks.

Anyway, here is the deal. If Google bots think that it is an advertisement or you are trying to sell ads space or whatever - they'll stash out points in your PageRank. So as much as possible, try not to make it look like you are selling ads - you can start being creative at that point.

So there you go. Another pointer from a PR student.


Really? I have an alexa rating of 164,000+ but my PR is still zero. Do you think the Google ads in my header could be one of the causes why my PR is still zero?

Nice tip. I don't have those but Mr. G still took out the PR lol.

@Gee & @chubskulit - I am still studying the concepts but I don't think Google ads don't count since they benefit on that. From the looks of it, even selling links is one of the things that affect the PR like Ads2Link, showofflinks, etc... That is why I'm removing it from this blog.

Well, this is something new to me.. So now I have to change things.. Thanks for this tip.. Don't wanna lose any rankings..lol..

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