29 September 2010

Blogger Compatible Codes

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When designing your own blogger theme, it might frustrate you to see the codes you are placing on the XML Blogger theme you are editing doesn't make sense at all when you start viewing it --it sometimes make an error and may ruin your blog's layout. The reason to this is that Blogger XML doesn't recognize your codes at all.

This tool will be very useful to all webmasters and web designers out there -it is actually one of their secrets. So what I am going to reveal will be useful for everyone. But before you make modifications with your current them make sure to back it up before you make use of the codes you converted here. So, where can I use this tool?

  • Designing your blogger theme.
  • Placing Google Adsense code to your desired position.
  • Placing Javascipt codes.
  • You can almost do everything here with regards to designing your blog template.

    So here it is. Once again, a reminder - backup your theme first.before you place this in your current blog theme.


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