22 September 2010


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These past few months I have been so very disoriented in terms of priorities. All I could think of is to learn a lot of things, but to learn which one first is the question. Which is next? and what I should to in order to learn those things on my list. 

I also want to earn more income from online businesses but it has been years and I still don't have a very solid online business where I can get a residual income. I have a great idea however but it will take more than an idea - my skills as a programmer will be tested and will eventually be of use for my personal gain.

I have already made primary actions, layout and design and database structure but I am still studying the market. I may have made initial designs but a lot of ideas keep coming and it sometimes hurt my initial implementations. Just right now an idea came to my mind again - it is difficult but it is all possible. This program I am planning requires me to satisfy both publishers and advertisers (no, it is not an advertising agent or ad network like Adgitize). I can't tell - it is a secret project.

Okay, I am quite tired now. I just want to let out things in my head while it is still there. I have a diary right here with me with 4 pages full already - no it's not like your daily diaries (it's my project diary).

Ideas funneled and documented - thanks for your time Blogger! (I really need to organize things) I'll read this again tomorrow and probably laugh at myself. Let's see - I won't even re-read this so forgive me. 

Signing out!


LOL, i also find it hard to prioritize and stay focused on something I want to do. i usually just do something without thinking about it - thus, i have a lot of unfinished business... just ideas, but lacking in follow up. :)

thanks for dropping by gee!

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