20 September 2010

Just the Right Layout

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Okay, I have finally found the best layout for this blog. Now, customization comes next. This will probably take time since I also have lots of responsibilities in the real world.

Just want to remind all of you all about my contest, you all still have a chance to win those prizes and also have a chance to win the most referred entrants. If you don't know about the contest, just click the banner on the right - yes, the one with the beautiful black and white photo of my beautiful wife or click here.

To all who have joined already, please don't forget about blogging about our major sponsors. And to all sponsors, I really am thankful guys for your support.


Very masculine ang layout, liked it!

Like the new lay out. Looks clean and refreshing.

thanks, I am still quite discontent about the design. I like to have a blog with featured content.

I am actually looking for a blog with feature and content with complete article and below are the previous articles with only its summary shown - much like Georyl's blog.

yeah real world you can not leave it.

yeah is pretty pic of your wife :D hehe.. love her smile :D

@sherry - thanks. It's a bonus of the true package inside her.

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