20 September 2010

How NOT to Attract Readers!

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This is the type of article that I really am very good at "NOT attracting" readers (lol!).

It is true that articles or contents with interesting topics attract a lot of readers but what others fail to realize is that even if you have a very good content but you have a very slow blog - your potential readers could be one of the addition to your bounce rates. Bounce Rate is a terminology found in Google Analytics wherein it shows the rate of people "bouncing" at your site - which means once they set foot on your landing page they immediately look for the "X" button or wait for the Adgitize buttons to appear and hop on to other sites as fast as they can. They literally want to bounce out of your site as fast as they can.

It is a common mistake for bloggers, specially newbies - and I had my share too. Others over-decorate their site and forgot about how their readers feel. Instead of attracting readers - they're actually frightening them. Would you like to wait for five minutes in order for a page to fully load all its initial contents?

Isn't it frustrating that an article of your interest takes a lot of time to load and almost take all the bandwidth? As for me, when googling around for a research and found an interesting article on the search - I click on it. But once it took a lot of time to load the information, I click the "X" and look for another topic on the indexed search - and I've done it a lot of times. 

Blogging is fun and adding a few bits and pieces of widgets to decorate your blog could be taking too much of your time and will probably make it look like it was designed haphazardly. Having a very nice layout and design for your site attracts a lot of readers but too much is always harmful.


i must agree w/ you, eventhough a blog have a nice content sometimes its being neglected due to slow downloading of contents. I also do the same click the x button and find other things to read =)

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