13 September 2010

The Keyword is?

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As I venture into the world of SEO blogging, another way of optimizing your blog/site for search engine visibility is to choose atleast 5 keywords that has a lot of traffic everyday. This 5 keywords should always be found in every article you have.

Okay, wait - how do I know if there is a lot of traffic for that keyword?
By using the Google Traffic Estimator Sandbox. When you use this tool, you will see how many people use that keyword everyday and how many people click on that very keyword. If you don't use Adwords then there won't be much use for the Estimated Cost / day item that you'll see there. I think, what's more useful to publishers would only be the Local Monthly Searches - I'll try to find a solid theory about this matter but roughly my theory for this is that the more people are looking for this keyword, and the more chances of you using those keywords - the more chances of your site to be on top of the search engines. Of course, you still have to compete with a lot of websites if you don't use Adwords (which will cost you).

So, that's it for now. A simple tip I learned today is - choose atleast 5 keywords and always use it in my articles. So if your blog is already up and running, choose the most useful keyword you can find in your articles and re-use those keywords. Who knows, the keyword you use may probably lead your blog/site at the top.


definitely a good tip. Does keyword should be on the title? Wahhh, I am so dumb at these stuff lol.

You can use it in the content part. Of course you have to make it related to your site/blog's theme.

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