27 September 2010

4 Days to Go!

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Okay, there is 4 more days to go before I draw the winners. I'll be moving the draw on October 1 since it is Friday and that is my free time to review all entries and links.(DoFollow) Please remember all the requirements and make sure you have all of the details included there.

I'll be preparing all the prizes for all the winners soon, so to all major sponsors, kindly prepare them as well. Again, I am very thankful of the people who've joined and most specially to all the major sponsors --if you ever have conducted an online contest and wish to have more sponsors, don't hesitate to drop by and ask for my help as well.

Once again, reminder to all who have joined and still don't have blog reviews of the major sponsors, you still have time to make them. Tik Tak!

BTW, in case you don't know. On the Navigation sidebar, there is a category "Folow Us" which you can find the link to follow our feeds.


I just want say I hope I win :D hehe..

Oooh! I want to win too! hehe!

Can't wait also! Btw, how was the bday of the wifey?

I will reveal her birthday celebration and the gift I gave her on the day I draw the winners.

nice can't wait to see her gift :D

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