23 September 2010

$3 Payout is now on Pending!

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Buxiz 3 Dollars Home Business Program is forced 3 X 15 matrix, so if your upline has more than 3 referrals, you will got referral (spillover) from your upline.
Site's Spillover
When someone joined the program without any referral URL, he of she will be placed under an active member whose Level 1 referrals is less than 2.

Multiple Accounts
All members can create as many accounts as they like using the same ALERTPAY or LIBERTY RESERVE account. The system just requires different usernames.

Too many People are spending $50 to $500 in HYIP's
Only to risk it for 110% to 300% returns assuming they will get paid, that will not happen in Buxiz 3 Dollars Home Business Program Here you get paid!

Okay, I've got 2 first level referrals that gives me $2 dollars + $1 bonus commission ($0.50/each). So right now I have a pending $3 dollars as payment. Will post it soon as another one of my payment proofs.


wow.. been reading about this site for some time now but since I'm already involved with another matrix, I didn't pay attention to this site. Guess, will take a peek and see..
Hope you get your payment soon :)

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