30 September 2010

Official Entries to XLEONTIPS Contest

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Pardon the mess.

Here are the list of people who joined "Simply The Best Birthday Gift Contest!"

IAmJennyholic - Referred by Eidra (of One Proud Mama / Make Money Online)
Refs: 0

EidraG (Make Money Online) - Referred by Jules (of www.theLink22.com)
Refs: 2

Mys (Written by Mys)
Refs: 1

Sherry (Shopping... plus more...)
Refs: 0

Chris (The Miscellaneous Me) - Reffered by Mys
Refs: 0

Here are the people who wasn't able to complete the requirements. I am sorry guys but I have to disqualify you. I know all of you will also like contestants to your contests to complete their requirements. I want you all to qualify but it would be unfair to all who completed the contest requirements.

Gee - (Internet Treasures)
(Blog Review pending)
Refs: 0

Luckyfinds - (Earn Extra Money ONLINE)
(Blog Review pending)
Ref: 1

Cornelio03 - (Life's A Journey)
(Blog Review pending)
Ref: 0

Pinay Expat Blogger - Referred by Eidra (of One Proud Mama / Make Money Online)
(Blog Review pending)
Refs: 0

Jules67 (My Mind, Thoughts and Feelings)
(Blog Review pending)
Refs: 1

I'll post the winners tomorrow so please standby. Although it is already clear that the winner of the 7-day Adgitize Gift Card is EidraG so Congratulations!. Nobody won the Special Prize for most Entre drops.


Wow! Thanks for the Adgitize Gift Card, Noel!
And i thought I dropped EC often,lol...
Goodluck to us all! :)

Really? Okay I'll check again coz I depended on the "Most Drops at Entre" side widgets I have. Actually, what's on my mind when I included this special award is for the member who reaches the top on that widget -but okay I'll go check it at EC too.

nah, I mean, I thought I dropped EC almost everyday same time adgitizing..... no need to check your stats..

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