19 September 2010

Found a Very Promising Home-Business: What Say You?

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I have found a great Home-business and a Network Marketing program which is really something. In this business (like they told people), taking risk is important and that risk is called investing. But the great thing about it is, you need only 1 person in order to have your investment back plus you’ll have a monthly residual income from that downline which is a break even already. Take note, you will be receiving your ROI in your account in Paypal, Alertpay, etc.. and not in the account of the program.

Their products are wide variety of high-quality e-books and you can download it. No, it is not GDI (Global Domains International) but they also offer an Residual Income for Life. More e-books are added every month for all their subscribers.

I am researching more details if they are scam or not and so far I haven’t found a single article which pertains that they are scam - all are testimonies. I haven’t join yet because the cost of initial investment is $100 – call me cheap but $100 is not an easy money earned in online businesses. But $100 is actually cheaper than the amount of investment I did for my PTC which scammed me eventually. Anyways, once I get my first downline I am at ROI already and all the investments will be my time --unlike PTCs I’ve joined which I remembered to be a painful clicking every day. Neobux may not be a scam but it is hard finding refs right now so investing their would be more than risky than this new business I found.

How about you? Are you willing to invest/risk $100 to a business which you think has a very good marketing scheme? By the way it is not a ponzi scheme since there is a product that is being sold. I will reveal their marketing scheme and the company once I am convinced that they are not scam. I have already searched first 4 pages of the Google and no scam reports yet.

By the way, their system is designed even for no brainers or no knowledge in selling at all. Up to now, all I’ve seen in the Youtube videos were payment-proof and no scams. Let’s see, I’ll try to investigate further . I am thinking of building a Filipino team for this  - but I'll do that once I've proven their system works or if there are some who are willing to take the risk out there.

Only thing I could promise you is if you see their Marketing Scheme - you'll wet your pants lol!


$100 is $100. It's not that easy to part with hard earned money. I am not familiar with this new business you mentioned. Will see how it goes for you.

$100 investment, I am afraid not.


I know it is a not easy for everyone. I guess for all previous PTC (Paid to Click) members who upgraded to Premium usually is not afraid to spend this much since some of the upgrades are greater than those PTCs.

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