15 September 2010

CMF Ads First Payment

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Here is my first payout from CMFAds. At last, if ever someone asked me if CMFAds is a scam or not - I know what to tell them. You can view all the money-making and honest paying programs that pay here. Now I am waiting for Adgitize payment which seems to be delayed for now. I know I have reached the minimum payout amount. Let's just see.


wow ... congrats .. is there any conflict if you have icmf ads and google ads in blog? thanks

don't worry there is no conflict between the two. I've been using both at the same time.

Wow nice, I used my earning to buy spikes hehehe

i also cashed out from CMF before but the "tax" and service charge are high and are passed on to the blogger. Adgitize is better because we get our money without charges.

@joops - I use my earning for spikes too but I want to try their cashouts too and since I am nearing minimum payout I waited, now I can buy spikes again.

@Gee - Yeah! I'm kinda disappointed with that too. But we can't help it since CMFAds pay through request unlike Adgitize which pays via Mass Payout which they cost free.

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