10 September 2010


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I am trying to get noticed here people! No, not by you - okay, you noticing me would be greatly appreciated (thank you) but I am all for Google right now and all of its cousins like Yahoo, Bing, etc.. Yes! they are all search engines. 

From here on, all the developments you'll be seeing in this blog which one of them is trying to remove most of my paid ads is to get their attention. I just removed the Ask2Link and SocialSpark since I suspect those two would greatly affect my PR in a negative way. Why? Both of them are for selling ads. Adgitize, CMFAds and EntreCard however will stay since they are Social Networks and I call them my Traffic Boosters because technically, I am the one paying them for traffic. Adgitize just compensate me by returning my investment. EntreCards maybe selling ads but the usage is mainly for traffic and while I earn at CMFAds - I use it for traffic as well. So those three are mostly for getting attention - Yes, I like attention - kill me if you have a blog that don't need attention. Adsense will also stay, since it's Google's son or daughter so they won't mind.

If you still wonder what I am doing, you can read my previous article here. Since Google's PR is trying to ignore those site/blogs who they sensed is/are selling advertisements, I decided to fully optimize my site for that purpose or atleast try to optimize it for Google's attention. I wish to have a more visible blog where atleast Google can sense me. 

Why Google is my primary objective search engine?
Because they have almost dominated the search engines, even I can't stop googling. Bing is currently the second and Yahoo is the third.

How about you? You like Google to notice your site/blog?


What you are doing is a step in the right direction.

After all, search engines traffic, especially from Google which accounts for about 60% of all search traffic, is the only continuing and steady source of traffic to blogs and websites.

More importantly, it is free. You don't have to buy adverts like in Adgitize or spend hours dropping cards to get credit to advertise on other blogs, like in Entrecard.

Of course, to get high ranking on search engine results page (SERP), you must have updated content, links, optimize your keywords, and make your blog fast loading, etc.

I know you are doing these things also.

Eli @ Business Sphere

B4 the big G gave me my PR last April, I already have a few banner ads and PTC sites on my blog. I dunno why they didn't flag it. Maybe coz I have been concentrating more on contents (?) rather than advertising my paid links..

Hope there would be an increase next PR update.

Hooray for that, I think you will be ranked good next time kasi panay ang PR posts mo hehehe. Goodluck..

Good decision. I removed ppp and social spark, submitted a reviewform at google where I told what I'd done to improve my blog and got rank 4.

Good luck!

I don't mean to undermine PR but for me, it's only important when you really have a product to sell. When you only want viewers for your blog, you just need to concentrate on contents.

I only started with Social Spark last month (my first entry was August 9) but my earnings for one month can already pay for three years of web hosting and domain renewals. So, I'll stick to SocialSpark because I earn from them even if I'm just PR0 (as in, no PR). Hehehe.

@Gee - thanks for the input. Since your blog/site has reached a high PR already then it don't matter if you start the Social Spark but if your blog is still earning it's reputations, you still have to earn that PR. And yes, PR is good for people who are trying to sell products or services and we should all concentrate on the contents.

Once you've earned reputation and PR and have a great number of subscribers then earning money online will be easier through reviews or compensated contents. And since you are earning income, you can even add promotions to your blog to attract more people. Just like your current site's condition right now - you have a high PR, lots of subscribers and friends. I may have posted a comment on one of your article already that your blog is one of my inspirations. Thanks.

I think what is good about Google PR is that it will boost organic traffic to your blog. As the others have said, as long as you've got good updated content, the PR and traffic will come. God bless on whatever you're doing.

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