17 September 2010

Firefox 4 Beta: A Quick Glance

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To all Firefox lovers out there Firefox 4 is out and is currently on its Beta version. I am a Firefox lover but I am not into it for now, I have lots of plugin for my current version that I am using right now which would probably not work on the new version. Okay let's take a few glance on its new features:

  • The new Firefox comes with a new Mac / Win7 interface which is quite dazzling. Click the image below to enlarge it.
  • As you can see,the TAB placement has been changed as well which is for me - looks great.
  • They're also bragging about its new key features like the Stay in Sync where you can customize your browsers settings and save it in a USB device so you can have the same settings where ever you go. By the way, this includes your passwords (quite scary if you are careless).
  • You can even organize your tabs. I don\t usually have a use for this since I don't like browsing so many sites at the same time. I'll probably use this once I upgrade the speed of my internet.
  • Manage you add-ons is still in there, but the put a small icon on one of Firefox's tab for easy access.

Here are some of the features under the hood:

WebM and HD Video
New JS Values
Audio API
HTML5 Support
Multi-touch Support (for Windows 7)
Web Console
Direct2D Hardware Graphics Acceleration (for Windows only) - this looks promising
HSTS better privacy

Download it here. (redirects to Mozilla)


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