30 October 2009

If Good Things Could Happen, Expect Bad as Well

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Good News

  • My popularity rate with EntreCard is getting high.
  • My traffic is getting higher as well, thanks to the combo drive made by EC and Adgitize.
  • Earning more with Adgitize than in my Google Adsense, and faster - thanks to Adgitize ads, yes I purchased a month advertisement 3 days ago and dramatically I raised my traffic.
  • Because of my gained traffic, I am earning ads with CMF Ads now, I got 18 ads now.

Bad News
  • My PC broke, I have to use the laptop.
  • I was unable to post the version 2 of the Photo to Cartoon v2.
Good News
  • Sometimes I really amaze myself, I fixed my PC but it took me hours to fix it. Never mind what happened, sometimes stupid things could happen and you just have to learn from it.
Sorry about that, I'll post the new lesson tomorrow, I'll post 2 lessons to make-up for the lost time.


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