21 October 2009

The Complete Guide to Start a Blog and Earn Money!

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I would like to share a few resources I found very helpful to your blog. And since you are a beginner, this tip would be great for you.

First thing you should think of is the appearance of your site. Is it cool enough or just enough. Cool widgets would really make it look great but the design or the theme should be good too. You can use Blogger's default themes since they have quite good archive which I think hasn't been updated for years. Why not try some cool new themes? Here are the best places where you could get those cool themes.
But before you change your blog's theme completely, it is best for you to backup your theme and backup your widgets as well.

Next thing is for you to drag people in your blog. You can ask a few friends to come and visit your site using your Facebook but I doubt it will gain you a lot of visitors. Traffic, it's what I called it - I invented it yet nobody came and see what traffic is. Come that's just a joke. Anyways, I have posted on my previous entry about this traffic so you can just go there - Click here. Please do come back on this page.

Thanks for coming back.

I will just give you an in depth about the EntreCard and Adgitize. Simplifying it.

EntreCard - there are ways to earn credits from them. One drop you'll earn a credit. Using those credits you may be able to purchase ads on a website. The most cheapest amount is 2EC or 2 credits which means with 2 drops you can buy an ad for a day in some other member's blog. If the popularity of a member's blog is high, it usually has a higher per day cost. You could buy as many ads as you want as long as you have credits or EC. Your ads will only be shown on where you purchased your ads. Basically, this is the best place you could start earning traffic. I still can't confirm about the availability of the credits to cash.

Adgitize - this is also a good way to start earning traffic but unlike EntreCard, you will have to earn 300 points until you can buy an advertising using your points. BUT - a big but is your advertisement is shown on all members randomly in their banners that is why it is quite expensive compared to EC's lowest 2EC only. By the way, your points will be converted to real money and it is up to you if you use it for traffic or cash it. They have a minimum of $10 minimum payout for PayPal and $50 for checques less $10 for processing I think.

CMF Ads - another great advertising site and traffic much the same as Adgitize. They have very cheap ad packages here, offered by publishers which is YOU. And you get 100% of your fund or your sold ads. You also get to modify the cost of ads in your site.

This three can go together and they work quite well with each other. Another thing, earning money will still depend on the content of your blog and how dedicated are you to promote your site.

So that's it for now. I'll be giving more tips next time so tune in with me for updates.


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