18 October 2009

How to Back-up Blogger Blog Theme and Restore?

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Now that you have learned how to create your very own blog with Blogger.com, you might want to know how you can back-up your current settings, just in case something bad with your current design or theme. Crash in your blog could happen if you are trying to add some widgets and you accidentally copied a bad code. So here is how you can backup and restore your blog settings. Remember, your entries are intact and untouched, it's only the setting that is backed-up.

Back-up your Blog Theme:
  1. On your Dashboard, click the Layout and below it choose Edit HTML. Oh! I forgot this is for Bloggers / Blogspot. I'll try to make one for Wordpress next time. So here is what it should look like, just ignore my sites logo.
  2. Click the Download Full Template. It will allow you to back-up your whole blog along with it's widgets and current theme in XML format. Place it in your My Documents folder and name it with your blog's name and date so you can tell what it is.
  3. That's it. If you happen to accidentally remove some of your important widgets then this will restore your previous setting.
To Restore:
  1. Using the same screen, click the browse and select the XML file you have saved before.
  2. Then click upload. Blogger will inform you that most of the widgets will be discarded so you have to be sure that you are uploading the latest back-up of your blog. So if it is the latest one, then there is no need to be scared of over-writing your current blog.
Hope this has been useful to you. Please don't forget to rate my site. Again, thank you for using my tips.


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