17 October 2009

How To Start Blogging: Step 2

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What is the title of your blog?

After you have thought about your blog's topic, the next thing would be the title of your blog. Think of something cool and short as possible, if it is long try to make it easy to remember. Pick a name easy to understand or easy to remember. Most often, sites with cool names alone, tend to attract visitors. Best if you pick at least 5-10 names because others may have thought of the name already.

How can a name be so important?
Well it is important - just like how your parents gave you your name. It could be something that made you think of blogging. It is the name that gave you uniqueness to others. Just a tip: you can always make it related to the topic you have chosen but just make it short.

So what’s your blog’s name? I think it’s about time we go to the next topic.d


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