27 October 2009

Adobe Photoshop: Your Photo to Cartoon

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Have you ever wondered how you would look like if you are a cartoon character? Well, stop wondering and check it out for yourself. I will teach you here some simple steps in order for you to achieve a cartoon version of your self like the one below.

First, you'll need to have Adobe Photoshop and your most awesome picture. Now here are the steps.

1. Open your desired image.
2. Make the image brighter by using Curves. It is under Image / Adjustments / Curves.
3. Here is how you use the Curves. Click the middle of the line and hold the mouse while dragging it up - same as the illustration below. Please don't try to overdo it, make it bright enough to see the face.

4. Now use Gaussian Blur. It is under Filter / Blur / Gaussian Blur.

5. Gaussian Blur window will appear and it will look like this. Just press OK.

6. Now use the Fade Gaussian Blur. If it doesn't appear under Edit, use Step Backward and do Gaussian Blur again and follow this next step immediately.

7. When the Fade Gaussian Blur window appears, choose Darken under the Mode category and press OK.
8. Now you have your Cartooned image.

Hope you enjoyed this lesson. More lessons to come so please standby.


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