18 October 2009

How to Back-up Blogger Blog Widgets and Restore?

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Okay, you have already learned how to create your own blog and you are able to back-up your blog settings, what more should you know?


What is a Widget?

I tried looking at wikipedia for the description and I found it a bit technical for beginners like you. Best thing is to show it to you. Back out a feet away from your screen and try checking the sidebars on this blog. There is the Subscribe buttons on the top which will allow your readers to be updated of your latest articles. There is also the sitemeter below the sidebar which tracks the number of visitors who came and view your blog. Yes, they are called widgets. There are different kinds of widgets as shown on the right image. Just choose whatever pleases you the most. To add a widget, just click "Add a Gadget" as shown on the image below.

Basically, widget makes your life easier. Why bother making programs to track down your visitors or open each of your topics to read each person's comments when you can see it all in one page or on a small portion of your blog?

Before adding more stuffs to your blog, it is best for you to know how you can back-up some of your widgets.

This lesson will teach you how to back-up your HTML/JavaScript widgets and restore them just in case you messed-up your blog caused by a bad coding widget.

Wait! Why only HTML/JavaScript widgets? Because it is the only widget that can be copied by code. The rest can be done manually by their own widget tool.

What do I benefit on this? If it is some networking widgets or chat, then you won't have to go back to the website, login on their site and get the codes again.

There is no easy solution for this and there's no shortcut either, if you happen to find out a shortcut, please inform me and let us share it to the world. The image above shows the layout in Page Elements tab.

Backing-up HTML/JavaScript widgets:

  1. Click Edit under an HTML/JavaScript widget which has a header that says "Add a Gadget".
  2. A new window will appear that will show the codes for that widget. Copy it.
  3. Open notepad and paste the codes there.
  4. Do steps 1 and 2 until you have copied all your HTML/JavaScript codes. You can paste the codes on the same notepad but be sure to put some in between tags or title.
Restoring of HTML/JavaScript Widgets:

  1. Click the "Add a Gadget".
  2. Copy the codes from the notepad that contains all the backed-up codes.
  3. Paste the codes.
  4. Do steps 1-3 until you finished restoring all your HTML/JavaScript widgets.


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