27 October 2009

Coolest Blog Choice Award!

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Okay, my advertisement just got approved. Let's see what happens next. Hope to see a big difference in traffic. I also got four advertisements from CMFAds. Expect more articles coming.

Since the time I blogged-hopped for my EntreCard points and Adgitize, I found a lot of interesting sites so I'll be featuring some blogs I found cool here and probably give them a reward. For now I can only reward an award image trophy I custom-made. I'll try to finish it this week. I'll name it XLEONTIPS: Coolest Blog Choice Award and I will choose every month for the coolest blog. I'll try to make up some requirements for this contest.

One more thing, I never realized that dropping on other EntreCard member's blog would benefit me more than actually in my purchased ad using EC points. So my advice, drop EC members till you drop and earn a lot of traffic. And another thing, did you know that I have an RSS widget that shows my 5 Top Droppers in EntreCard which means if you are among the top 5, your blog could be featured in my site for FREE! Just drop my site to maintain top level. I'll probably make an award for my top dropper after each month.

That's it for now. Posting the Adobe Photoshop tuturial next.


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