17 October 2009

Some Great Finds!

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Finders creepers! I found some pretty interesting tools for all Joomla fanatics out there. I'll try to update this article once in a while.

For Joomla Users
Multiple Adsense Account - I tried looking for this option in the official Joomla Forum but I was disappointed to find a commercial product which is sold for $10. Okay, before you find me cheap, I was about to purchase it but I tried my luck with Google and look for the keywords "revenue sharing adsense joomla" and found a FREE solution - kaching!. Why settle for a cheap solution when you can have it for FREE haha!. Thanks Justin Cook, you can download it at his site - CLICK ME!

COOL Comments - Now, here is a cool way to let users interact with every article you post in your Joomla site. BUT it comes with a price - BANG!. Price is $19.99 for standard and for Pro, a banging $34.99. THE COOL DEMO! - I won't be needing this for now - I think forever. I don't see and feel my need for such thing, I just found it CUTE and COOL.

Simple Image Gallery - Here is another cool and FREE plugin for you. CHECK THE DEMO. To download, just go to their site, don't wanna hog the traffic. You'll find some other usefull and FREE stuffs on their site. Grab it while it's hot - grab it while it's FREE! Why do I emphasize FREE so much, coz it's FREE! It's from JOOMLAWORKS.

Simple Image Rotator - Here is another one from JOOMLAWORKS. Makes your frontpage look like a professional news portal. CHECK THE DEMO. Again, it's FREE!

ALLVideos -Are you a Youtube fanatic or likes to post videos. You might want this stuff, it is from JOOMLAWORKS as well. Ah JOOMLAWORKS, makes your dreams come true. It's also FREE by the way. Just go to the site for demo, I'm tired of copying and pasting of urls.

That's it for now. Thanks for the visit.

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