17 October 2009

How To Start Blogging

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Okay, you are probably here because you found my site through Google. or you have found me through one of my advertisements. And the reason you are reading this article is you have no idea how to start your own blog. If you already know how to blog, then this article is not meant for you or you could stick around and read some of my other articles. Or you could read this article and probably make a suggestion.

What is Blog?
Basically it means is weblog and it is maintained regularly by an individual or group .It could be a diary or some commentaries, reviews, ideology, etc... One person can make a movie review using blog or one can also post their original recipes and even their great adventures. Blog gained popularity for the past few years and has had a lot of categories ever since like photo blogs, news blogs or tips and helpful solutions blog much like this blog.

Now that you have an idea of what blog is, let me guide you on how you can make one yourself.

First, you should be thinking about some important details before you start your very own blog. I have enumerated the things I consider important rules and steps to create your very own blog.:


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