22 October 2009

Our Blogroll is Open and More Tips to Come!

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It would have been nive to have a few friends on my Blog Roll. XLEON TIPS is now open for link exchanges. I would mostly welcome all PINOYS! out there like me but of course everyone is welcome.

I think I'll be going for a break for this day on writing tips. Tomorrow morning will be a new day and I'll be starting my day with a new article I will call Batch Resizing of Photos for Facebook/Friendster with ???.

I am still tweaking the whole blog and redesigning my new header that will be out soon. I'll probably re-design the whole blog once I reach a 20 articles at least. I know this will be painful but somebody has to do it.

I am just getting used to EntreCard, Adgitize and the CMF Ads. I might advertize once I reach about 20 more tips. CMF Ads is kinda hard to start if you don't have any starting investment. Unlike EntreCard and Adgitize where you have an option to earn points or EC to purchase ads. I am thinking of deleting my account with CMF Ads coz I think it is only to earn you revenues and not traffic but I'll just let the widget on for a while and see what happens.

There will be more tips coming from Adobe Photoshop up to cool freeware softwares.


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