17 October 2009

How To Start Blogging: Step 1

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What is Your Blog About?

Best if you start a blog topic of your interest. Don't start a blog about things that you don't know yet. But if you are going to focus on how you learn of the topic you are planning and probably make a progress report of how you grow, then I guess it is okay.

This is the most critical step of all, most people often mistake on this. Others start a topic that isn't even their interest. As a result, the blog is neglected because of lack of interest of the author. You can try and think of your skills, abilities, hobbies or anything that mostly describes YOU!. Yes YOU. If the blog is nothing about yourself then your interest will just dissipate or your interest will just go away any moment. Even if your blog is about a certain person that you truly respect or admire, it still describes you as that person’s admirer – it means the blog is still about you.

So have you thought of the topic?  Let’s go to the next topic.


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