17 October 2009

How To Start Blogging: Step 3

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Where to make your blog?

When you ask where, that means where you HOST your blog. There are a lot of free blog host online. The most common are Blogger from Google and the Wordpress. Hosting your blog with them is much easier since it is maintained by them. Hosting your own blog can be more tedious since you have to update the blog software from time to time and you have to pay as well.

For starters you can choose from the two most famous Blogger and Wordpress. There are other free blog host to choose from (try using Google with keywords: free blog host). I’ll name a few of them like Squidoo, Blog, Blogates, tBlog, etc…

As for me, I used Blogger since it has an easy integration with Google development tools like Google Analytics, Adsense and Feed Burner, etc... What are those? I'll just tackle that in my other article.

So from here on, it will be up to you. You can also continue the lesson - just follow the next lesson which is attracting visitors and make money with your blog.

So what blog host is on your mind? If you will be choosing Blogger, I’ll try to make a tutorial for it.


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