23 October 2009

A Great Day!

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It has been a very tiring week for me trying to venture my way back to the world of online money-making business and at the same time sharing the knowledge which has been lurking inside me for a long time. Once again, I managed to cope-up and catch-up to my new task. Here are some of my achievements for this past few days.
  • XLEON Tips is now a Preferred Publisher at Adgitize.
  • Published more than ten articles this week.
  • Gained a lot of traffic in just a few days, thanks to Adgitize and EntreCard.
As I blog-hopped through the use of Adgitize and EntreCard, I found a lot of interesting ideas. Some are really helpful and some are quite discouraging. I will share a few of my views concerning those negative issues I found to give light to others who are losing hope.

I found some articles about people complaining about the quality of their service which I think is quite reasonable and at the same time I found it unhelpful to their case. I highly recommend EntreCard especially to all those starting blogs. It is a great traffic earner. But compairing it with Adgitize is a little bit unfair. I stand corrected if there are a few of you there who will not comply when I say that EntreCard is mainly to gain traffic. I've seen an article about earning money with them but that is not my main motive with them for now. Traffic is why I am with them. With Adgitize, the traffic it builds is actually less than what EC is giving my blog but the bonus with them is I am already earning faster income than my Google Adsense.

My point is, if they aren't benefiting much from EntreCard anymore, they can just leave quietly. Why the sour-graping? Why make a bad propaganda against them? Didn't they used to be happy when they started getting traffic with EC? I mean, EC helped them before, right? Maybe there is a better and bigger organization which can help them gain more - I think that is where Google Adwords-Adsense is for. JOIN HERE!

I can certainly say that this is my most precious find. Not only I get to increase my traffic with them, they also gave me something to look forward to with my online money-making venture. Yes, a real money this time. Don't wait up guys, JOIN NOW!

I am planning on being an advertiser soon coz 3 of my friends told me that they gained more traffic and $$ when they became advertisers. I tried to study their strategy and it really looks promising. Be seing you there.

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