29 October 2009

Great Deals for FREE!

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Would you like to have your very own domain name? Of course I know anyone would love to have their very own domain name but the question is always - how much?

Well, you'll get to have one now if you want it. It's not a .com/.net/.org - it's a co.cc. You see the toolbar above? The one with www. ---- co.cc and Check Availabilty, yes that's it. You can use it to check for the domain name you wish to have and if it is available, grab one for FREE! Yes, it's free. It may be for a year only but atleast you get to taste your very own domain. You'll have an option to pay for it after awhile and it will only cost you $3/year - yes, per year.

I should warn you though, if you are planning on using your blog host such as Blogspot/Blogger - it won't work. I've tried it already so you don't have to keep on trying. If you are a cheapskate like me who wants to earn money for free, you could try hosting your site or blog at 0Fees.net.

So now you have a free web host and a free domain name. Great deal, right? What's the catch? None - and that's something you may actually call a Jackpot. With 0fees web hosting, they have their very own easy-install application where you can install Wordpress, Joomla, SMF, etc...

I got myself both so I'll tell you all about it later after the DNS have changed. I have hosted my new PhotoBlog with 0Fees and got a free domain as well. Get both now. You could start with the domain name of your own by using the toolbar above and then sign-up at ofees.


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