27 October 2009

How to Get Paid from Blogging?

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I almost forgot to inform you of how you will get paid - silly me. I've already tackled how you start your own blog, make it beautiful and how you maintain it and even how you get money from it. The main thing I forgot to include in my topic is how you'll get paid. So here it is.

There are currently two top choices to accept payments from online money-making business. First is the Paypal and the other is AlertPay. Most affiliate programs require PayPal so it is best to get yourself a Paypal before doing anything else. To get one, click the PayPal image on the left side.

Now, the AlertPay is mostly used in some other online money-making business like PTC or Paid-to-Click Ads. Right now, there are only a few PTC on the net that is well-respected. I am going to tackle this in some of my upcoming article.

If ever I find some good paying online money-making site which requires AlertPay, I'll post it here.

Today is my 2nd day as an advertiser at Adgitize, so far it is working quite better than I anticipated. Now, I don't need to blog-hop for 100 sites before I get to earn a 100 point for a day - I only need 51. Tomorrow I'll get to see how much I earned for a my first day as an advertiser.

By the way, with Adgitize's cheap advertisement, I got a lot of traffic better than I have anticipated. I am loving adgitize, I should have known them earlier. They are better than any traffic sites or autosurf programs which only give you repitative users. With Adgitize, you get hundreds or even thousands of unique users per day.


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