26 October 2009

Against Time and Money

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There are a lot of things I wish to do and I wish I CAN DO but there are things hindering me from doing it. Let me enumerate those things I am talking about so I can better prioritize things.

  • Learning and understanding Blogger Themes. I want to make a theme of my own and apply it here and I've been looking through the internet of how I can do it or just give me some hints on what or where to start. If anyone there could give me light on this I will add your link in my blogroll - not much to offer now but I know it'll suffice for now.
  • Make more articles for this blog. Well, I am doing that already but since I only have one body, I can't attend two task which have the same requirement or factor and one common factor is 1 internet connection, 1 computer, 1 body, 1 mind, the time is quite short for me - I'm not dying yet hehe! but I guess 8 hours a day is not enough for the task I want to do. But I made sure to prioritize this the most.
  • Redesigning of this blog or make a custom design of my own. But since I haven't learn even the basics in Blogger Theme codes I'll have to settle with other's creation.
  • I have lots of files in my 1 TB hard drive which needs validation for duplicate files. I have to check each one out and delete all those duplicate files.
  • Capture screens for new tips and tutorials for this blog.
  • Adgitize and EntreCard - Blog hop for credits or points.
  • Edit my family vacation pictures for Facebook / Friendster. My wife keeps asking me already.
  • Study advance PHP language and make a sample useful site using MySql database.
  • Make a demo application using C#.Net with MySql - Job hiring site.
  • Promote XLEONTIPS by advertisement.
I can't believe I have so much pending stuffs to do and I can't remember some of them already. I have to finish something first. Even this post is un-organized. I'll try to post again later and update this post as well.

This blog is not even a month old so please bear with me guys. I'll post around 3 more articles this week that is worth reading and worth your while. Thanks to all of you who continue to visit us.


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