29 October 2009

Nothing to Post?

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There will come a time when you can't think of a topic to post. So what are you going to post?

There isn't really anything you can't post. Right now I am planning on posting a new topic, another version of photo to cartoon using Adobe Photoshop.

And I am already introducing my new star for that lesson. He is one funny and a loving kid and none other than our angel, Ize. My first model was my beloved wife.

This was taken last March 26, 2009 but I think this is much appropriate to be posted this coming Halloween. We played with color and painted his face like a lion. It seems I am as worst using my brush in Adobe Photoshop as using a watercolor brush.

So my tip here would be, just think of something interesting or amusing if you can't think of anything to post. And try not to go far from your theme like I just did today haha! See you on my next lesson: Photo to Cartoon version 2. Atleast, I get to give a tip once again.

Upcoming Lessons
Photo to Cartoon v.2
Comic Style Picture

Comic Style Picture Sample - This is for the promotion of our upcoming new blog which is mostly about games (facebook, mmorpg, pc games, etc..) and anime/manga.


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